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NVH Development Programs

Idle Shake/Boom, Shift bobble, Exhaust System Development, Ride Shake/Steering Nibble, High Speed Shake, Intake System Development, Subframe/Engine Mount System Development.

Test System Development

Design and development services for multi-axis simulation test systems. Mechanical, hydraulic, and control system design and consulting services.

Simulation Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting of test rigs and test procedures. Solutions for test rig control and test correlation problems.

Software Development

Software design and development for simulation testing. Iterative control, data reduction, dynamic analysis, system identification, and test correlation.

Methods Development

Development of new techniques for simulation testing. Data reduction and analysis techniques. Integration of fatigue and NVH phenomena. Test procedure development.

Test Systems Integration

Consulting services for laboratory programs involving multiple vendors. Information management and software compatibility issues.


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