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Our software products provide solutions for simulation control and dynamic analysis while our hardware products furnish PC based data acquisition and control capabilities.

Simulation Control Software

SIMTEST software brings robust multiaxis simulation control capabilities to the PC environment. SIMTEST provides an affordable, user friendly, hardware independent solution for laboratory replication of durability and validation events.

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Signal Analysis & Visualization Software

sView provides an easy to use, MATLAB based tool for analysis and visualization of dynamic data. sView is optimized to handle the multi-channel data sets associated with vehicle development programs.

Portable Data Acquisition System

sDAQ provides an affordable, easy to use, solution for acquiring and analyzing test data. The system incorporates industrial strength data acquisition components from industry leaders and the powerful sVIEW dynamic analysis software to provide a portable measurement and analysis system suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Custom Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Custom data acquisition and control systems can be developed to meet your needs. We specialize in developing custom systems for dynamic analysis and test control


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