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Multiaxis Simulation Control Software

SIMTEST brings robust multiaxis simulation control capabilities to the PC environment. SIMTEST provides an affordable, user friendly solution for replicating durability and validation events in the test laboratory.

New Version 3.3 Features Include:

  • New Matrix Based Data Viewer
  • Built In Trend Analysis Module
  • New Global Simulation Control Algorithms
  • OEMTrend ActiveX Component Option
  • New White Noise Generation Features
  • New Project Editor
  • New OEM File Format Support
  • New SIMTEST Toolbox Development Library
  • Enhanced Digital Filter Routines
  • Enhanced Convolution Routines
  • Much More…

 Process Friendly Interface

SIMTEST provides a process-oriented interface that makes creating simulator drive files a snap. The intuitive Process Panel guides the user through the drive file development process using simple buttons that reduce each task to a single click.
  • A single click generates a complete set of system model components for control and analysis. One more click brings up model components in the matrix display of the Data Viewer.
  • Another click generates a new drive file complete with automatic statistics display and control system automation.

Built-In Trend Analysis provides on-going test monitoring with a comprehensive set of tracking and display functions.

Matrix Based Data Viewer

The SIMTEST Data Viewer is optimized for displaying simulation test data. System model components are displayed in a unique matrix view that assists in interpretation and troubleshooting. Time histories are displayed using an enhanced Strip Chart tool. 
Key features include:

  • Multiple function overlays.
  • Expansion of channels or matrix elements.
  • Cursor points with automatic labels.
  • Axis scale and grid options.
  • Axis zoom (constrained and synchronized).
  • Plot editing tools for figure customization.
  • Save figures in JPEG and PNG formats.
  • Copy figures in WMF and bitmap formats.

State-of-the-Art Control Algorithms

SIMTEST incorporates award winning state-of-the-art control algorithms for replicating field events. Since inventing global simulation (a.k.a. non-square matrix control) in 1990, we have continued to advance the state-of-the art for multiaxis simulation control.

SIMTEST v3.3 includes our new exclusive Robust Generalized Inverse (RGI) control model algorithm that automatically adjusts the control matrix to accommodate global transducer sets with no extra steps required!

From single channel tests to MAST tables through full vehicle simulators, SIMTEST continues to set the standard for accurate and easy to use control software.

Comprehensive Results Analysis

  • Choose from nine different error analysis and simulation convergence displays. A single click accumulates, analyzes, and displays the results in the selected format.
  • Displays provide automatic overlays of convergence results in the time or frequency domain.
  • Analysis results are automatically exported in ASCII format for simple incorporation into test documents.


Desired/Achieved Overlay, X .vs Y


Autospectrum, Spectral Error


Response Percent (Max, Min, STD) Error Percent (Max, STD)

Methods Development

SIMTEST includes the SIMTEST Toolbox development library. SIMTEST Toolbox contains a complete set of high-level signal processing and vibration control functions specifically developed for multiaxis simulation testing. You can easily customize SIMTEST and/or build your own data analysis and control procedures using the versatile MATLAB technical computing environment.

Control System Integration

SIMTEST provides several unique features for seamless integration with your control system hardware.
Automatic File Conversion
Drive and response files are automatically converted to and from common OEM formats using the AutoFile feature.
Automatic File Replay and Acquisition
OEM drive and response control programs can be initiated using a simple user programmable AutoPlay function.

Technical Support

Simulation Techniques provides comprehensive technical support for SIMTEST and SIMTEST Toolbox. We also offer a variety of engineering consulting and development services including:

  • Noise and vibration, laboratory simulation, and NVH development consulting services.
  • sView noise and vibration analysis software.
  • st3600 PC based SIMTEST test rig controller.
  • Custom data acquisition and analysis systems.
  • Test method development, training seminars, and custom software solutions.

Simulation Techniques, Inc.

Simulation Techniques has been providing dynamic analysis and simulation control products and services to the testing community since 1992. Our staff is comprised of industry-recognized experts in dynamic analysis and control. 


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